What is Perch This?

Perch This is a collective purchasing service that allows businesses to combine their purchasing power, enabling them to buy directly from the manufacturer.  Find out more here.

What is “Shipment Cut-off Date”?

This is the date that the shipment order will be placed with our supplier.

What is the expected delivery date?

This is the date that you are expected to receive your goods, and is approximately two months from the ‘shipment cut-off date’. The expected delivery date starts off as a broad range of approximately two weeks, however, as key milestones are reached it will be updated with a more accurate range. (key milestones are: loaded on vessel for New Zealand, cleared New Zealand customs, and passed onto local carrier for delivery)

Why does it take so long to receive my order?

Perch This aims to provide the lowest price possible. To do so, the following time constraints are needed:

  • We rely on many businesses combining their purchasing power to increase the chance of receiving a lower price. We need to allow a certain amount of time to allow businesses to come together.
  • Most large scale manufacturers make their goods to order, as a result the supplier needs to make the goods before they ship them (usually takes 20-40 days)
  • Some of our suppliers are based overseas, therefore, the goods need to travel by sea freight to get to New Zealand.

Why do the prices keep changing?

The prices displayed on the website are based on the price that our manufacturer charges us, each day we update our prices based on the current exchange rate.

Why are the prices displayed on the product pages not the actual amount I pay?

Prices displayed on the product pages are what the supplier charges for products. However, there are also additional costs associated with getting the goods to you, such as international shipping, customs and import charges, insurance fees, service fee, and local distribution and shipping. When you place an order, you are charged for the product plus the additional costs.

What is a shipment?

A shipment is a group of orders from individual businesses, each shipment has the following properties:

  • The supplier that this shipment is from, and their associated products.
  • Location that the shipment will be sent to.
  • Cut-off date.
  • Minimum Shipment Quantity.

What is “Minimum Shipment Quantity”?

Most manufacturers will have a minimum amount that can be purchased at a time, as a result shipments will not be placed unless they reach their minimum shipment quantity.

What is “Minimum Item Quantity”?

Like the minimum shipment quantity most manufacturers will also have a minimum item quantity, this is usually related to the amount of raw materials that they need to purchase.

What happens to my order if the “Minimum Shipment Quantity” is not reached by the “Shipment Cut-off Date”?

Your order will stay with the shipment, however, you will have the option to cancel it. If the shipment reaches its minimum shipment quantity after the shipment cut-off date, then it will be placed with the supplier immediately.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can. However,  only if the shipment was not placed with the supplier (i.e before the shipment cut-off date, or after the shipment cut-off date when minimum order quantity was not reached). Please email support@perchthis.co.nz to cancel your order.

What is the International Shipping Charge?

This is the cost of getting your goods to New Zealand.
You will be charged an amount that is proportional to the amount of goods you have in the shipment in relation to the entire shipment. E.g. if your goods make up 1% of the total volume of the shipment you will be charged 1% of the total international shipping costs for the entire shipment.

What is the Insurance Fee?

This fee goes into an insurance fund, which we use to pay for shipping insurance, as well as any unexpected costs associated with getting your goods to you.

What is the Service Fee?

This is what Perch This charges for providing our service.

What are the Local Distribution and Shipping Charges?

This is the cost of separating your goods from the rest of the shipment and delivering them to you.

Can I change my delivery address after I have placed my order?

Yes you can. Please email support@perchthis.co.nz, however, you must do so within 7 days of your goods arriving in New Zealand. Any additional costs must be paid within 3 days of your goods arriving in New Zealand.

Can I use Perch This for non-business purposes?

No, Perch This is for business use only.

Will Perch This expand their range of products in the future?

We intend to increase our range of products, please email support@perchthis.co.nz to let us know what products you would like Perch This to supply.

There are no shipments being sent to my city / town, can I still order from Perch This?

Yes you can, however, the further you are from the city that the shipment is being sent to the larger the local distribution and shipping costs for you order.
Would you like to see a shipment sent to a city closer to you? Email support@perchthis.co.nz to tell us where.